Seeking Sanctuary Network

About Seeking Sanctuary

We are a global RRN (rapid response network) formed of volunteers from an online women’s travel group. This travel group is a community based on trust, kindness, and sisterhood.

We came into existence as a way to centralize and protect data when dozens of “sisters“ began posting their homes along with offers of assistance to any refugees fleeing Ukraine. We respect the privacy of both hosts and refugees, and strive to create a safe environment for refugees to seek out assistance.

Caring And Compassion

Here at Seeking Sanctuary we operate with kindness, care and compassion in everything we do. This is a safe place, where no one will be judged by race, religion, age or sexual orientation.

Women Connecting With Women

Run by women; for women. We know traveling alone can be dangerous. Our community of women are here to support you.

Run By Volunteers

Our Facebook Page and Website is run by an amazing group of women, who dedicate their time, money, passion and expertise to this cause. 


Our experts have contributed vital information to this page to assist in areas like visa and immigration, transport, psychosocial help, etc. 

If there is outdated information please contact our admin team here

Our Response To The Invasion Of Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine there was a global outcry, with many women desperate to  help those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

This website is designed to allow Hosts, and Assistants to connect with the Ukrainian people who so desperately need our support right now. 

For the safety and security of our members, we ask everyone to register. Once you have registered you can search the ‘Available Hosts’ page in the area you need to find a accommodation. You can also search for Assistants, who are not offering accommodation, but who can assist with translation, Visa applications, legal advice, etc. 

If someone seeking assistance finds a good match, they can reach out via the website messaging system. The Host/Assistant and Ukrainian person then make arrangements privately. 

We don’t store anyone’s address to help keep our members details safe and secure. And we recommend that you share personal details with each other through existing platforms such as Whatsapp, Signal, Phone, Facebook Messenger etc.

If you have any questions, or you need to report bad behavior you can contact admin here.

Crisis Accommodation And Assistance For Those Fleeing Ukraine

How To Get Help

We are not currently accepting new registrations.

Go to our Available Hosts page to find hosts. Visit the Assistants and Experts page for help in other areas. 

Find a host or expert offering what you need, and message them privately. 

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